Organising Street Race No Conviction

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After being caught street racing with another vehicle at well over the legal speed limit, it could have been a dismal night for our client.

Our client was issued an immediate license suspension; his registration plate was confiscated and charged with street racing by Police on the spot. He was charged under section 115(1) (a) of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW). He faced heavy fines of up to $3,300 dollars, which would have had a significant impact on our client.

Our client chose to contact Oxford Lawyers and thankfully managed to retain Mr Zahir Zakaria, Criminal Defence Lawyer. Mr Zakaria worked tirelessly and professionally in directing the court’s attention to the client’s remorseful attitude and was able to avoid a conviction or fine. The court was inclined to agree that our client acted out of character and that his actions were a momentary act of misjudgement, not warranting a conviction.

After being in a difficult situation, our client was extremely satisfied and relieved that he could walk away with no conviction or fine. This excellent result ensure that our client will be able to go on with his normal day to day activities, without the shadow of a conviction looming over him.

If not for the hard work and dedication of everyone at Oxford Lawyers, our client may not have achieved such an excellent result. The client was thankful for the time, effort and professionalism shown by Mr Zakaria and the rest of the staff at Oxford Lawyers.

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