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RMS Licence Appeals

License suspended? CALL US NOW WE CAN HELP.

Our criminal law, licence appeal experts are skilled in going the extra mile to ensure that your licence appeal is successful in the Local Court or District Court.

We understand that Local Court magistrates are very particular about what circumstances should be taken into account when determining whether you should be granted your driver licence appeal.

We will ensure that the need for your licence is vigorously advocated before the Court.

We have successfully completed many driver licence appeals, which resulted in our clients keeping their licences.

We can appeal against the RMS’s decision to suspend a driver’s licence due to loss of demerit points or driving in excess of 35 km or over 45km, which carries an automatic suspension period.

In these certain situations, our Traffic Lawyers and Drink Driving Lawyers have successfully appealed to the Local Court of NSW to reduce or lift the period of suspension.

If you have a need for your licence, and you have received a letter from the RMS or the Police suspending your licence, please contact us for a consultation on 0478 821 383.

Oxford Lawyers got my licence back at Parramatta Local Court, for driving over thespeed limit by 50 km/h. My lawyer Zemarai Khatiz knew exactly how to approach the case to put me in the best position possible in Court, I was so relieved, he won the appeal and I got my licence. It was incredible.” SM – Appeal upheld for 50km over limit.

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