Mid-range Drink Driving- No Conviction, No Fine and No Disqualification

Mid-range Drink Driving- No Conviction, No Fine and No Disqualification

A standard RBT was likely going to have disastrous consequences for our client after his Breath Analysis returned a reading of 0.148- almost triple the legal limit for a full licenced driver.

Our client had consumed a mixture of beers and whiskey over the course of several hours. While driving his friend home he was stopped for a random breathe test

The first time offender was charged with mid-range PCA under section 110(4) (a) of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW). They faced a criminal conviction and a fine up to $1100, both penalties carrying heavy consequences and worrying impacts on their day to day life.

Our client contacted Oxford Lawyers immediately and was referred to Mr Zemarai Khatiz, Principal of Oxford Lawyers and Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law.  Mr Khatiz worked extremely hard to prove that our client simply had a temporary lapse of judgement on the day and his behaviour was completely out of character. The court agreed with his arguments and dismissed the charge pursuant to conditional release order without a conviction.

As a result of Mr Khatiz’ submissions, our client received an 18 month good behaviour bond without a criminal conviction, without driving suspension and without fine. Our client was able to retain his employment, which required him to travel to and from work and provide for his family.

If not for the hard work and dedication put in at Oxford Lawyers, our client may not have achieved the same result. They were sincerely grateful for the time, effort and preparation put into their case as well as the genuine levels of commitment and professionalism shown by our staff. 

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