Are you looking for skilled trial lawyers who can support and represent you in a criminal trial? If yes, look no further than our expert criminal lawyers in Blacktown.

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Blacktown Criminal Lawyers: Protecting Your Rights

At Oxford Lawyers, we employ the power of persuasion and in-depth knowledge of Australia’s common law to derive favourable outcomes for our clients. You can always expect us to fight for your rights and put forth a valid appeal before a judge, magistrate or police officer. Our criminal lawyers in Blacktown are respected within the Legal Community for their commitment. They will be sure to study your case in detail, build a solid defence and turn the case in your favour. We cover all criminal matters – bail applications, traffic and driving offences, RMS licence appeals, severity appeals, AVO and domestic violence matters. No matter how complex your case might be, you can expect us to lead the case and secure you against wrongful conviction.

Our criminal lawyers in Blacktown can appear for you in any jurisdiction:

  • Local, District, or Supreme Court
  • Court of Criminal Appeal
  • NSW Probation and Parole Board
  • NSW Crime Commission
  • Australian Crime Commission
  • Administrative Decisions Tribunal

When you get caught up in a criminal case, what you do next determines your entire fate. Following your apprehension, you must put in your bail papers, seek legal counsel and have a lawyer represent your case. Only an experienced criminal lawyer in Blacktown can clear all charges, prove your innocence and restore your reputation. That’s why connecting with experienced and expert lawyers like our team at Oxford Lawyers is important.

Why Choose Oxford Lawyers As Your Criminal Defence Lawyers in Blacktown?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our criminal lawyers in Blacktown have extensive experience in all areas of Criminal Law and specialise in matters related to armed robbery, arson, assault, culpable driving, drug possession, extortion, firearm offences, manslaughter, murder and sexual assault, to name a few. So, whatever your case might be, you can expect the best guidance and defence with us.
  • End-to-End Support: From the arraignment and bail to collecting evidence, trial representation, appeal and post-conviction relief, our criminal lawyers in Blacktown will help you with it all. Through each stage of the criminal process, our team will offer the best guidance and support and ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: With us, your case will always be in capable hands. We are known for our fail-proof trial advocacy. We will tactfully present the evidence, make valid legal arguments and derive favourable judgements. Our Blacktown lawyers approach each case with great attention to detail and develop a fail-proof case through a thorough investigation, legal research and preparation.
  • Compassionate Advocacy and Representation: At Oxford Lawyers, we understand that the approach and the dedication of the counsel determine the fate of the entire case. That’s why our criminal lawyers in Blacktown will fiercely advocate for your rights, offer empathetic representation and arrive at the best outcome through either negotiation or litigation.

With a history of winning cases against all odds, we are a name that you can always trust. We understand the impact that a criminal charge can have on your life, and therefore, we always put our best foot forward and offer personalised support.

To know more about our criminal defence lawyers in Blacktown get in touch with us today!

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Our Services

All Criminal Matters


We are the criminal defence team who are not afraid to vigorously fight for your rights.

Bail Applications


You get arrested, bail refused by police, Oxford Lawyers are your bail specialists.

Driving & Traffic Offences


When facing driving or traffic charges, you need experienced Lawyers fighting for your rights.

RMS License Appeals


We will ensure that the need for your licence is vigorously advocated before the Court.

AVO & Domestic Violence Matters


Secure an AVO and safeguard oneself from instances of domestic or other acts of violence.

Severity Appeals


We are the criminal defence team who are not afraid to vigorously fight for your rights.

About Oxford Lawyers

Expertise for Your Defense

Oxford Lawyers work very closely with the best and most respected barristers and senior barristers (Kings Counsel & Senior Counsel) in NSW in very complex matters to give our clients the leading edge.


If you require urgent legal advice after hours, please feel free to contact us on 0478 821 383

We Appear Across Various Jurisdictions in Blacktown

  • All Local Court Matters
  • All District Court Matters
  • All Supreme Court Matters
  • All Court of Criminal Appeal Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a criminal lawyer in Blacktown?

The cost incurred to hire a criminal lawyer in Blacktown will depend upon the complexity of your case. Different criminal law firms in Blacktown have different pricing policies, so the cost would vary, but at Oxford Lawyers, we follow a competitive pricing policy. So, with us, you will never have to pay exorbitant prices to secure a reliable and credible legal representation or counsel.

What types of criminal cases do you handle in Blacktown?

At Oxford Lawyers, we handle all kinds of criminal cases, including but not limited to–

  • Affray
  • Armed Robbery
  • Arson
  • Assault
  • AVO matters
  • Bail Applications in the Local District and Supreme Courts.
  • Centrelink offences
  • Culpable driving
  • Discharging a firearm in a Public place
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug importation
  • Extortion
  • Firearm offences
  • Malicious wounding with intent to Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Robbery in Company
  • Sexual assault
  • Take or Detain (Kidnapping)
  • Tax evasion

What steps should I take if I'm charged with a criminal offence in Blacktown?

Whenever you are charged with a criminal offence in Blacktown or any other area, the first step is to connect with an experienced team of lawyers like the one we have at Oxford Lawyers. Going forward, they will handle all the proceedings and assist you with the bail, trial and representation.

Can your criminal lawyers in Blacktown help with bail applications?

Yes, our criminal lawyers in Blacktown can help you with bail applications. Our team is versed in bail laws and will always come up with an approach with guaranteed success. From arranging the bail amount to negotiating the terms of your bail, our criminal lawyers in Blacktown will help you with it all.

Can your criminal lawyers represent me at different court levels in Blacktown?

Yes, our criminal lawyers in Blacktown are qualified to represent you at all court levels be it Local, District, or Supreme Court. Wherever your appeal takes place, you can trust our lawyers to offer complete assistance and take your case forward in the most appropriate and efficient manner.

High Success Rate

Our Recent Cases

NO conviction recorded for client charged with Drug Driving!

Our client was stopped by police for a random roadside drug test which returned a positive result. He was then arrested and taken to Liverpool Police Station where he was required to produce a fluid sample. THC, a compound found in Cannabis and Cocaine were detected in his system.

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Bail Granted – Client charged with supplying prohibited drugs and carrying a knife

Police observed our client within their vehicle and approached the vehicle. Police allege that as a result of our client’s behaviour it appeared they were affected by some form of illicit drug as they became hostile towards police. As a result, police searched our client and their vehicle and located a knife along with a clear resealable bag containing a crystalised substance which police alleged is methylamphetamine and a large freezer bag containing yellow powder which police alleged is heroin.

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