No Fine for Speeding Fine with Double Demerits

No Fine for Speeding Fine with Double DemeritsOur client, a young man was unfortunate enough to receive a speeding fine for double demerit points, resulting in a loss of eight points instead of four. Our client attempted to deal with the matter on their own by electing to take the matter to court but was unsuccessful.

He was charged under s33 (1) of the Roads Transport Act 2013. This offence carries a hefty fine along with a suspension of license.

Wanting to appeal, our client approached Oxford lawyers for legal advice for Mr Zahir Zakaria, a criminal defence lawyer about this dilemma. Mr Zakaria and a barrister worked tirelessly in order to prove to the court, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the client did not mean to commit the offence but was suffering from other personal issues at the time. They were able to get an amazing result, section 10, which means no conviction, no fine, and a two year good behaviour bond.

Our client was extremely happy with the result as it ensured he was able to resume his daily duties and keep his commitments to his family. Our client was also extremely impressed with the great care and commitment in which his matter was dealt with by Mr Zakaria and the staff at Oxford Lawyers.

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