Good Behaviour Bond for Client Charged with Deal with Proceeds of Crime

proceedsThe victim in this matter received phone calls from unknown offenders. The victim had 6 unauthorised bank transfers made from her account. The offenders tricked the victim into sending her unique authorisation code to them. Without realising the victim’s funds in her bank account were being transferred to other people.

Police searched our client’s bank account records and found tens of thousands of dollars transferred from the victim’s account into our client’s account.

Our client was arrested and charged with Deal with property proceeds of crime of the property less than $100000 under Section 193C (2) of the Crimes Act 1900.

The maximum penalty for this offence in the Local Court is 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $5500.

Our client was conveyed to Wollongong Police Station where he was refused bail. Our client spent several weeks in custody and applied for bail with a different law firm representing him. The Magistrate denied his bail due to the serious nature of the offence and the likelihood of a custodial sentence.

Anxious about the prospect of remaining in jail, our client contacted Oxford Lawyers and retained Criminal Defence Lawyer Mr Zahir Zakaria.

Mr Zakaria appeared at Wollongong Local Court and made strong submissions on behalf of our client.

Despite the probable result of imprisonment that was pending for our client, Mr Zakaria’s preparation and strong submissions meant that the Magistrate was convinced to only impose a Good Behaviour Bond!

This was an excellent result for our client as he was in jeopardy of facing imprisonment and deportation from Australia!

Our client was extremely grateful for the dedicated work of Mr Zakaria.

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