Charge Dismissed After District Court Appeal

Charge Dismissed After District Court Appeal

Our client and the victim were in a relationship together for 5 months but separated after an incident that occurred. After the incident, the alleged victim decided to take out an apprehended violence order against our client. The alleged victim claimed that our client had contacted her via Facebook messenger, which is a breach of the apprehended violence order, which is a serious offence.

Our client was charged with a s14 (1) of the crimes (domestic and Personal violence) Act 2007. This offence carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a $5,500 fine.

The Local Court Magistrate found him guilty and convicted him of this offence.

Afraid of having his future permanently hampered by a criminal conviction, our client made the best possible choice and contacted Oxford Lawyers. He was able to retain Mr Zemarai Khatiz, Principal Defence Solicitor and Accredited Criminal law specialist. Mr Khatiz took the time to assess the facts and circumstances of the case; and made powerful submissions. As a result of a thorough cross examination, the District Court Judge was left with a doubt in relation to whether the victim had sent the messages to herself and therefore could not find our client to be guilty, and dismissed the charge.  He was able to avoid prison time and avoid a criminal conviction.

Our client was very impressed with the result and grateful for the outcome. He praised the high level of professionalism and sensitivity in which his case was handled by Mr Khatiz and all the staff at Oxford lawyers. He also commended Mr Khatiz on being available 24/7 for any worries and enquires he had about the case.

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