No Conviction for Affray, Predatory Driving and Threatening Violence Charges

No Conviction for Affray, Predatory Driving and Threatening Violence Charges

Our client, a young man with two others threatened someone causing that person to fear for their life after screaming, swearing at them, and ramming the car many times before chasing him down the road, along with two other males.

When they finally caught up to him they punched, kicked and one of them even used a hammer to hit him in the chest. When police stopped and detained our client, he told police that it was a “personal dispute and they were sorting it out”.

Our client, a father of two, was charged under section 11A of the Summary Offences Act 1988 (NSW) for violent disorder as well as section 93C (1) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), and was looking at an extensive period in jail.

In a desperate state to not face gaol time, our client came to the best firm that could help him; Oxford Lawyers. Mr Zemarai Khatiz, Criminal Law Specialist, explained the unusual and extenuating circumstances of the offences and that it wasn’t a random attack. In fact, the victim had stolen over $100,000 from our client’s wife. Mr Khatiz made strong and convincing submissions that resulted in the client receiving a section 10 dismissal with no sanctions.

The outcome surpassed our client’s expectations as he received no gaol time and could carry on with his life with no criminal record that will affect his future prospects.

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