Alleged Accessory After The Fact to Manslaughter Receives Good Behaviour Bond

Alleged Accessory After The Fact to Manslaughter Receives Good Behaviour Bond

Our client is the full time sole carer of her 4 young children. On the night of the offence, her husband drove to the victim’s house and committed an aggravated break and enter. The next morning both he and our client returned to the victim’s house where he stabbed the victim leading to the victim’s death.

Following this, the couple drove to a travel agent and bought the husband a one way ticket to a foreign country.

Police allege that our client had knowledge of the murder as she was present in the motor vehicle at the murder site. Her purchasing the ticket was in order to help him flee the country which was also supported by the fact that she drove him to Sydney International Airport.

Our client was charged under section 18(1) (A) of the Crimes Act 1900 as an accessory after the fact to an offence, the offence being murder. If found guilty of this offence, the maximum penalty for this offence would be

Our client was well aware of the extremely serious nature of her charges and immediately contacted Oxford Lawyers. The case was handled directly by the Principal and Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, Mr Zemarai Khatiz who’s first major task was ensuring our client was granted Bail. He appeared at Penrith Local Court armed with extremely strong submissions and key bail conditions that would remove any unacceptable risk. The magistrate agreed with Mr Khatiz’ arguments and granted our client bail.

After extensive further preparation Mr Khatiz appeared at the Supreme Court of NSW. A very lengthy trial concluded with our client receiving a section 9 good behaviour bond for 2 years. In light of the extremely serious nature of her offence and the fact that she was facing life in prison, he being able to return home and take care of her kids was the ideal result.

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