NO DISQUALIFICATION OR SUSPENSION – Client Charged With Driving At 157km In a 100km Speed Zone

NO DISQUALIFICATION OR SUSPENSIONOxford Lawyers persuaded the Court to reinstated the drivers licence with no suspension or disqualification.

The facts of the case were that, the client had been charged with driving 157km in a 100km speed zone at 2:00am on the motorway. The client came to the notice of police, due to the speed she had been driving. The police case against the client was that, she had been detected driving at a speed of 157km on police speed radar. The client had a total of 7 prior driving offences on her driving record, 6 of these offences were as a result of speeding.

This serious speeding offence carries an automatic suspension of the driver’s licence for a period of 6 months. The Court needs to be satisfied that there are ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ in order to reduce, quash or vary the suspension period.

Mr Zemarai Khatiz appeared on behalf of the client at Parramatta Local Court and the matter was heard before the Magistrate.

Mr Khatiz and the team at Oxford Lawyers thoroughly prepared for the matter and Mr Khatiz successfully persuaded the Magistrate that there were Exceptional Circumstances in the case and for the Court to quash the suspension period.

The client’s licence was reinstated and she was able to continue driving without a suspension period. This was an outstanding result, considering the very serious nature of the offence.

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