BAIL GRANTED – Client charged with 15 Armed Robberies, 3 possessions of firearms, ammunition and possession of a police bullet proof vest.

Oxford Lawyers were retained for a client who was charged with 15 counts of Armed Robbery, some with an Offensive Weapon and others with a Dangerous Weapon being a gun with a silencer, 3 counts of possession of an unauthorised semi-automatic pistol, 1 charge of possession of approximately 500 ammunition without holding licence/permit/ authority and 1 charge of possessing a police bulletproof vest. The alleged robberies involved the use of machetes, knives and firearms. The client had a prior conviction for a robbery in company on his criminal record, which placed him in a category that carried a “presumption against bail’ in relation to Bail. This meant that it would extremely difficult for Bail to be granted, considering the seriousness of the offences and that the main consideration that the court would consider was the strength of the prosecution case.

The alleged robberies occurred at various locations, including a pub and fast food restaurants. It was further alleged by the prosecution that a group of 2-4 males were captured on CCTV footage wearing black balaclavas, which concealed their faces, carried weapons and threatened staff members.

Our principal, Mr. Zemarai Khatiz appeared at the Supreme Court of NSW for a Bail Application on behalf of the client. Mr Khatiz launched an attack at the strength of the prosecution case and argued that the prosecution had a weak circumstantial case. Mr. Khatiz further submitted that the Court should take into account a combination of factors including the client’s age, his limited past criminal history, strong family ties, and the weaknesses of the prosecution case.

Mr. Khatiz persuaded the Supreme Court of NSW to grant Bail with strict conditions. This was a very good result for the client.
Mr. Khatiz had successfully sought bail for his client even though the matter was extremely serious involving multiple robberies, which lengthy terms of imprisonment, if convicted.
Oxford Lawyers are criminal law specialists, who are dedicated to their client’s case. It is evident that the results were made possible through our extensive attention to detail in analysing the brief of evidence. We thoroughly examined the brief of evidence and attacked the weaknesses of the case. We believe it is important for our clients to understand their chances of success and that is why we provide our clients with honest and open advice on the prospects of their case.

If you are arrested, charged or under investigation, it is crucial that you immediately contact our office and speak to our experienced criminal lawyers for assistance on 0478 821 383. We are able to assist you and can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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