Client Charged with Kidnapping Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend – NOT GUILTY!

Our client was in a 9 year de facto relationship with the complainant. The complainant ceased their relationship. After ending their relationship, the complainant found out she was 12 weeks pregnant.

It was alleged that an argument broke out between the complainant and our client where our client allegedly threw a drawer at the complainant. It was alleged that our client also pushed her where she hit the left side of her

face on the side of the door, then her right side of her face hit the edge of the tiles when she hit the floor of the bathroom.

Client Charged with Kidnapping Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend - NOT GUILTY!

After, it was alleged that our client grabbed handcuffs and handcuffed the complainant as she was trying to get up. Our client then allegedly dragged the complainant and pushed her down on the mattress bed and pushed her head down with one foot on her neck.

It was then alleged by police that our client, uncuffed the complainant, took her phone and car keys, hid them and told her she couldn’t leave. Our client then went to the living room and allegedly continued to smoke ice.

It was alleged by police that during this time that our client was smoking ice, a number of people came into the unit and our client sold them ice. A couple of hours later, the people whom our client allegedly sold ice too were arrested.

The police attended our client’s residence and he was later conveyed to Miranda Police Station where he was refused bail.

Police conducted a crime scene examination at our client’s residence where they located:

  • A pair of steel handcuffs in the living room
  • A flick knife
  • A zip lock bag containing approximately 285 grams of clear crystal substance
  • Two rings
  • Two sets of scales
  • Three ice pipes
  • A quantity of small resealable bags

Our client was charged with the following:

Kidnapping under section 86(2)(b) Crimes Act 1900

This offence carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 20 years.

Our client was extremely nervous about the prospect of going to jail for a crime he did not commit.

While in police custody our client contact Oxford Lawyers and retained Criminal Defence Lawyer Ms Lisa Dao.

Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Mr Zemarai Khatiz of Oxford Lawyers appeared for our client at the Local Court and applied bail. Our client was granted bail thanks to the convincing submissions put forth by Mr Khatiz which significantly mitigated the bail concerns the Magistrate had.

Our client pleaded not guilty to the charge.

From there, Ms Dao worked determinedly to prove our client’s innocence and the matter proceeded to a Trial at Sydney District Court. As a result of Ms Dao’s preparation, strong submissions and evidence tendered, our client was found not guilty by a jury verdict and was acquitted of the charge!

Our client was extremely happy with the result as the allegations were very serious and he would have faced a long time in prison if he was found guilty.

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