Client Charged with Importation of Methamphetamine Found Not Guilty at Trial!

It was alleged that our client had made arrangements to receive a package containing 6 kg of pure MethamphetamineClient Charged with Importation of Methamphetamine Found Not Guilty at Trial!.

The Australian Border Force Officers intercepted an international parcel sent from a person in a different country.

The Parcels destination was issued to where our client was residing.

Shortly after Detectives took possession of the package and deconstructed the package and removed all items including the methamphetamine.

Detectives then attended the residence with the unloaded package and left it at the front stairs of the premises and knocked on the door. Our client answered the door and signed a consignment invoice to take receivership of the package.

A search warrant was executed on the premises and our client was placed under arrest and conveyed to Bankstown Police Station.

Our client was charged with Attempting to possess a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported border controlled drug contrary to Section 307.5(1) of the Criminal Code.

The maximum penalty for this offence is life imprisonment. 

Facing serious allegations, our client contacted the Oxford Lawyers Parramatta Office and retained Criminal Defence Solicitor Ms Lisa Dao.

The matter proceeded to trial at Sydney District Court.

Ms Dao tirelessly prepared for the matter. The trial proceeded for 7 days. Ultimately our client was found not guilty by a jury and was acquitted of the charge!

Our client was overjoyed and grateful to Ms Dao for the result as he was found not guilty and avoided the prospect of a lifetime imprisonment!

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