Serial Shoplifter, Facing Prison Once again, Only Receives a Bond Instead

Serial Shoplifter, Facing Prison Once again, Only Receives a Bond InsteadA man who has over 30 shoplifting charges and had already been in jail over ten times, avoided jail and received a bond because of Oxford Lawyers.

Having served multiple stints in jail for the same crime, our client was once again faced with the prospect of incarceration. Due to the fact that he was a serial repeat offender, it was unlikely that he would receive any leniency from the Courts.

Under the Crimes Act 1900, Section 117 our client could have faced up to a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

With witnesses claiming they saw him take items from a store, which was also captured on high definition CCTV, our client was almost definitely going back behind bars. Nevertheless, he contacted Oxford Lawyers and Mr Zemarai Khatiz, criminal law specialist, appeared at Burwood Local court armed with submissions and ready to defend him.

The magistrate agreed with Mr Khatiz’s persuasive submission and ordered bond to be in place for the period of 8 months.

Our client was extremely happy with this outstanding result which kept him out of prison.

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