Client Charged With An Affray, Is Found Not Guilty

Client Charged With An Affray, Is Found Not GuiltyA young man faced an affray charge for a fight he didn’t even start.

He was a young mechanic hard at work when a man came outside his shop abusing him and threatening his safety. He went out to confront him, and witnesses say he was carrying a screwdriver, before the fight happened.

Under the Crimes Act 1900, Section 93C (1) our client could have faced up to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

Faced with this life-changing consequences the client made the quick-witted decision to contact Oxford Lawyers. Mr Zemarai Khatiz, criminal law specialist appeared at Mt Druitt Local Court and made convincing submissions that the client had only acted in self-defence which any reasonable person would do given his circumstances.

The Magistrate agreed with Mr Khatiz’s compelling argument. The Magistrate further stated that the prosecution cannot negate this claim beyond reasonable doubt and therefore the court dismissed all charges.

Thanks to Mr Khatiz’s meticulous planning our client is now able to continue his life and work hard towards his bright future without a conviction against his name.

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