No Conviction for Drink Driving

No Conviction for Drink Driving

A standard RBT could have had disastrous consequence for our client when the test returned with a positive reading of 0.05- the bare minimum blood alcohol content to be considered illegal. Despite being over having over two decades of driving experience our client was a first time offender in regards to drink driving.

Our client was charged with low range PCA under section 110(3)(a) of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW). They faced a heavy fine and possible licence disqualification; these sanctions would have a detrimental effect on our clients’ livelihood.

Our client contacted Oxford Lawyers straight away and retained Mr Zahir Zakaria Criminal Defence Lawyer.  Mr Zakaria worked tirelessly to prove that our client a long time licence holder acted completely out of character. The court agreed with his submissions and dismissed the charge pursuant to section 10. Mr Zakaria was successfully able to show our clients regret for their actions.

Our client was relived of all the possible sanctions and received a six months good behaviour bond. They were able to continue with their employment that required them to drive long distances.

If not for the hard work and dedication put in at Oxford Lawyers, our client may not have achieved the same result. They were sincerely grateful for the time and effort put into their case as well as the genuine levels of commitment and professionalism shown by our Mr Zakaria and the rest of the staff

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