No Conviction Recorded for Client Driving While Suspended

No Conviction Recorded for Client Driving While Suspended

Our client was initially stopped by police for the purposes of a breath test, which came back negative. However, upon reviewing his driving history, it was found his license was suspended.

Our client was already on a good behaviour conditions licence due to exceeding the demerit point threshold. Unfortunately, he committed another offence breaching his licence and rending it suspended.

When the police stopped him for a random breath test, they also conducted checks on his licence and it was revealed that his licence was suspended.

He was charged under s54 (3) (A) of the Road Transport Act 2013. This offence carries heavy sanctions that can impact an individual’s life detrimentally.

In fear of losing his license, our client did the best thing he could think of and contacted Oxford lawyers. Our client was lucky enough to retain Mr Upol Amin, a criminal defence lawyer. Mr Amin worked tirelessly in order to prove to the court our clients defence and that he was honestly not aware of the suspension. As a result of the strong submissions that Mr Amin made to the court, no conviction was recorded and our client is able to keep his licence.

Our client was extremely pleased with the result a chieved and was certain that without the services of Mr Amin and the other solicitors at Oxford Lawyers, he would not have received the same outcome. He commended the high level of care and commitment in which his matter was dealt with and was extremely impressed with the outstanding preparation and representation that Mr Amin and the staff at Oxford Lawyers provided.

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