No Conviction, No Fine for Client Charged with Possessing Prohibited Drug

No Conviction, No Fine for Client Charged with Possessing Prohibited Drug

Our client was driving his vehicle, when he was stopped by police for a Random Breath Test. During the conversation, our client had made admissions to using prohibited drugs previously.

Our Client was then asked whether he had any drugs on his person and he removed a resealable bag containing cannabis from within his vehicle. Police Arrested and cautioned our client for the drugs they located.

Police charged our client with the Possess Prohibited Drug under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 Section 10(1).  Under the Act the maximum penalty that our client could have faced was 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $2200.

With a past history of offences involving supply a prohibited drug, dealing with property suspected of being proceeds of crime and multiple offences of possessing a prohibited drug, our client was extremely nervous about the prospect of going to Liverpool Local Court.

Fortunately, he was referred to Oxford Lawyers. Our Client contacted us and retained Solicitor, Mr Eli Mansour. Our client pleaded guilty to the offence. Mr Mansour made strong submissions to the Court. Despite our client’s extensive criminal history relating to the same or similar charges, the Court ordered a Section 10(1)(a), dismissing the relevant charges against our client. Consequently, our client was able to go home without a Conviction and not paying a fine.

This was a fantastic result for our client, as he was able to avoid an additional charge towards his criminal history which would have impacted his employment and he avoided paying a fine for the charge. Consequently, our client was able to go on with his life stress free.

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