Client with Suspended Licence & Driving Dangerously Gets No Conviction Recorded

Client with Suspended Licence & Driving Dangerously Gets No Conviction Recorded

Driving on the wrong side of the road leads our client to the wrong side of the law

On an average Friday night, our client was spotted overtaking vehicles on the wrong side of the road fast speed. When police saw our client and instructed them to pull over, our client swerved away and lead police on a chase, where she eventually lost the police

Unfortunately for our client, they were identified and approached at their property where she denied any wrong doing.

Our client was charged with dangerous driving and under the Road Transportation Act 2013 (NSW), our client faced a maximum penalty of $2,200, 9 months imprisonment term and an automatic 3 year disqualification of their drivers licence

However, she was clever enough to contact Oxford Lawyers and Mr Zemarai Khatiz, who is an accredited specialist in Criminal Law appeared before Fairfield Local Court recently and using a combination of factors, persuaded the magistrate to deal with the matter by way of a section 10 which results in no recorded conviction, no disqualification as well as no fine for our client.

Thanks to Mr Khatiz’s expertise in defending dangerous driving charges, our client has no criminal conviction recorded under their name which is the ideal outcome. This excellent conclusion meant our client is immediately able to resume driving and her future job prospects are not affected

If you want to reach the best resolution, you’ll want Oxford Lawyers on the job. For immediate assistance, please contact Mr Zemarai Khatiz and the Oxford Lawyers team.

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