Client charged with Mid-Range Drink Driving – Received No conviction, No disqualification, No fine, No Imprisonment

Mr Zemarai Khatiz recently appeared for a client at Parramatta Local Court for a client charged with driving with a mid-range prescribed concentration of alcohol in his blood.

The client was stopped by police for a Random Breath Test (RBT). The RBT returned a result of 0.125, well over double the legal limit.

The maximum penalty for this offence in the Local Court is 9 months imprisonment or a $2,200 fine or both.  It also carries a lengthy disqualification from driving.

Mr Khatiz, criminal lawyer from our office appeared on behalf of the client and presented a compelling argument that the client needed his licence for work.  Mr Khatiz convinced the Magistrate to give the client a chance and not record a conviction.

This meant that the client avoided a conviction,  a disqualification of his driver’s licence, a fine as well  as imprisonment. The client was very pleased with the result as he kept his licence and could continue his employment.

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