Bail Granted – Client charged with Manufacturing Large Commercial Quantity of Drugs, Supply 30kgs of Cannabis, 2 other Supply Charges of Prohibited Drugs and also Dealing with Proceeds of Crime.

Mr Zemarai Khatiz, a Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyer from our office represented the client yesterday (14 April 2018) at the Parramatta Weekend bail courts.

The client was charged with several serious charges including:

  • Manufacturing large commercial quantity of drugs pursuant to the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1999, section 24(2). This offence carries 20 years imprisonment as the maximum penalty.
  • Supplying a commercial quantity of prohibited drug in the amount of 30kg of cannabis pursuant to the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985, section 25(2). This offence carries 15 years imprisonment as the maximum penalty

In order for bail to be granted the Bail Act 2013 requires that the person must satisfy the court that they have shown cause as to why their detention is not justified. It is an extremely difficult task if a person is charged with a show cause offence.

Mr Khatiz successfully argued that the client had shown cause as to why he should be granted bail. Mr Khatiz argued that the case was not strong as the police suggested it to be. Mr Khatiz pointed out to the Magistrate that the police case against the client had gaps and holes.

Overall, Mr Khatiz stated that it was not a strong case. The magistrate took in account the problems with the prosecution case in combination with other factors and granted bail at the Local Court.

Considering the serious nature of offence and the severe penalties associated with the charged this was an incredible result!

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