Client Charged With Intimidation Found Not Guilty

Client Charged With Intimidation Found Not Guilty

Our client, who is currently on an immigration visa and is a full-time student, was charged with intimidation following a response to a domestic violence report. Our client approached a police vehicle that was carrying the victim and her two-year old son, shouting at the victim and hitting the car window, with an attempt to open and gain access to the vehicle and victim.

Our client was arrested at Liverpool Police station and was charged under section 13(1) of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 (NSW), with stalk and intimidate with the intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm. This charge carries a maximum penalty of 5  years imprisonment.

Fortunately for our client, Mr Zahir Zakaria, Criminal Defence Lawyer, represented him in the Liverpool Local Court where he presented compelling arguments highlighting the inconsistencies in the case and citing relevant case law. The court agreed with Mr Zakaria’s arguments, and had the charges dismissed.

Due to no conviction being recorded, our client’s future is not hampered and our client will not lose his immigration visa. Our client was given a second chance and will be able to stay in Australia, and expressed his gratitude for Mr Zakaria’s extraordinary preparation.

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