Client Charged with Driving with an illicit substance, Received No Conviction

Client Charged with Driving with an illicit substance, Received No Conviction

Our client was pulled over one morning whilst police were conducting stationary random testing and was found to have an illicit substance in his system and was soon charged with the offence.

Although his roadside breath test returned a negative result, police insisted on further testing. Upon completing a roadside oral fluid drug test, a positive reading appeared that being Cocaine. Our client was subsequently arrested and taken to Castle Hill Police Station where he was subject to a secondary oral fluid test. This sample was sent to New South Wales Forensic and Analytical Science Services for further analysis which confirmed a positive result to Cocaine.

Our client was charged with driving a motor vehicle with an illicit drug present in blood under Section 111(1)(a) of the Road Transport Act 2013. This charge carries a maximum penalty of $2200.

Our client feared the consequences of conviction, the impact it would have on his employment, and the consequences it may bring to his livelihood and his children. With this in mind he thought it was best to seek legal advice and contacted Oxford Lawyers and was referred to Ms Lisa Dao, a Criminal Defence Solicitor. Ms Dao appeared on behalf of our client at Parramatta Local court and with her tireless efforts, preparation and compelling submissions suggested to the court how remorseful our client was and the steps he has taken to ensure that he understands the dangers of his behaviour and that this does not happen again. The court agreed with Ms Dao’s submissions and our client was given a 12 month Conditional Release Order with no conviction result.

Our client was very grateful for this result and has learned from this experience and the importance of obeying the road rules.

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