Client charged with Common Assault- No Conviction After Severity Appeal

Client charged with Common Assault- No Conviction After Severity AppealOur client and the victim had worked together in a busy Sydney restaurant. During a particularly busy service, our client and the victim found themselves in a heated argument. Amidst the exchange, our client grabbed the victim whilst still holding onto a knife, which he was using in the preparation of food.  Not realising the seriousness of his actions, he drew the victim into an enclosed area and the scuffle had to be broken up by co-workers.

Police were called to the scene and our client was taken to Redfern Police Station and charged under section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900 which carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment.

Out client have previous retained another law firm which resulted them in receiving a conviction with a fine of $500.

Our client fearing the impact of having a criminal record, contacted Oxford lawyers and was referred to Mr Zemarai Khatiz the principal lawyer and accredited criminal law specialist. Mr Khatiz appeared on behalf of our client at Sydney District Court for Severity appeal and with his efforts and the preparation of our staff they made submissions on the unhealthy mental state our client is going through. The court agreed with Mr Khatiz and upheld the appeal, our client was given a 6 month Community Correction Order and a no conviction result. 

Our client was happy with this result as the no conviction result, would all them to expand their future with no fears of the conviction impacting his future.

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