BAIL GRANTED! Crowbar to the face – Client Charged with Grievous Bodily Harm

BAIL GRANTED! Crowbar to the face - Client Charged with Grievous Bodily HarmPolice allege that our client was driving his vehicle in a lane one of two and stopped at a red light. The alleged victim was driving in the second lane and stopped at the red light. Once the light turned green, our client stopped and staggered his car to the side of the alleged victim’s vehicle which blocked the traffic.

The alleged victim then stepped out of his vehicle, opened the boot and grabbed a broom from it.

Police allege that our client then exited their vehicle and approached the alleged victim from behind where the two then became engaged in a physical struggle. At this point it is alleged that our client punched the alleged victim a number of times to his head and face. The alleged victim then reached into his vehicles boot and pulled a crowbar our and swung. Our client then pulled the alleged victim off balance where he fell on our client’s vehicle breaking the side mirror. Our client then continued to try and punch the alleged victim in the face before pulling the crowbar out of the alleged victim’s hands.

Police allege that our client then lifted the crowbar above his head and struck the alleged victim in the face. Our client swung the crowbar a second time and hit the alleged victim in the face once more. Our client then allegedly turned to walk back to his car when the alleged victim stood up and threw the crowbar at our client’s vehicle.

It is alleged that the alleged victim attended a hospital after suffering serious injuries that required surgery.

Police arrested our client and conveyed him to Mount Druitt Police Station where he was refused police bail.

Our client was charged with:

Cause Grievous bodily harm to person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm under Section 33(1)(b) of the Crimes Act 1900.

The Maximum penalty for this offence is 25 years imprisonment!

Our client was understandably worried about the prospects of facing jail time and remaining in custody for the duration of his criminal matter. Fortunately, he contacted Oxford Lawyers and retained Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Mr Zemarai Khatiz. Mr Khatiz appeared at Parramatta Bail Courts where he submitted a strong bail application with strict conditions. The Magistrate was persuaded to grant bail under strict conditions.

Our client was very pleased with the result as it meant that he was able to stay out of jail and he can defend the matter whilst remaining in the community.

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