Mr Zemarai Khatiz Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyer, appeared for a client charged with supplying prohibited drugs and possessing cannabis. Our client was driving at Surry Hills when he was stopped by the police.

The Police searched the car and located 47 MDMA capsules, cannabis and amount of cash. The client made full admissions at the scene and told police that he was to supply the drugs to his friends at his birthday party.

The maximum penalty for this offence in the District Court is 15 years imprisonment or a $220,000 fine or both.

Mr Khatiz represented the client at Sydney District Court and persuasively made submissions to the Judge that the client should not be sent to imprisonment and also that the Court should not record a conviction. Mr Khatiz informed the Judge that the client was a young adult, with no prior convictions and had addressed his drug problems. Mr Khatiz placed significant weight on the fact that the client had his whole life in front of him and that a conviction would have a devastating impact on his future.

Mr Khatiz worked extremely hard to present the best case for his client. Under our direction and guidance, the client enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program and continued to work whilst getting the help that he needed. At the time of his sentence, we obtained substantial supporting documentation including a psychologist report, drug rehabilitation reports, and a variety of character references from his employer, family, and friends.

Mr Zemarai Khatiz convinced the District Court Judge to deal with the matter by way of a Section 10 good behaviour bond, whereby no conviction was recorded.

This was an amazing result!; given that it is usually the case that an offender charged with this type of matter will receive a term of imprisonment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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