Affray and Common Assault Charges Withdrawn!

Affray and Common Assault Charges Withdrawn !

Our client was in a vehicle and the complainant was in another vehicle. Both vehicles were stuck in traffic when an altercation occurred between the two and the occupants of each vehicle. This altercation led to all parties exiting their respective vehicles. Words were exchanged between the complainant and our client. Our client fearing for their safety has hit the complainant and blows were exchanged.

Shortly after the incident, our client was charged with the following:

  1. Affray contrary to Section 93C(1) of the Crimes Act 1900. The maximum penalty for this offence is 10 years imprisonment.
  2. Common Assault contrary to Section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900. The maximum penalty for this offence is 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $2200.

Facing serious charges our client contacted the Oxford Lawyers Parramatta Office and retained Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Mr Zemarai Khatiz.

Mr Khatiz appeared at Fairfield Local Court for the Defended Hearing. Mr Khatiz prepared extensively for the matter and thanks to his dedicated work both charges were withdrawn!

Our client was thrilled with the result and thanked Mr Khatiz for his dedicated work.

If you want to reach the best resolution, you’ll want Oxford Lawyers on the job. For immediate assistance, please contact Mr Zemarai Khatiz and the Oxford Lawyers team.

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