Domestic Violence & Avo Matters

If you are charged with a Domestic Violence Matter or an Apprehended Violence Order has been placed against you, it is crucial that you contact one of our dedicated and experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers to be on your side. Our Criminal Lawyers are available to fight for your rights.

Our Criminal Lawyers team are exceptionally result driven. Our team share a wealth of experience and wisdom to help you get through the challenging and daunting times. By providing expert representation and skillful advocacy in the courtroom, we will support you throughout this tough ordeal.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence allegations are serious matters that may have profound and adverse ramifications that may impede your freedom, tarnish your reputation and ultimately may lead to potential criminal convictions. A criminal conviction may have a detrimental impact on your employment. We are available to assist you if you are any of the following domestic violence offences.

  • Intimidation – Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 section 13(1).
  • Common Assault – Crimes Act 1900 section 61
  • Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm – Crimes Act 1900 section 59
  • Reckless Wounding – Crimes Act 1900 section 35
  • Grievous Bodily Harm – Crimes Act 1900 section 33
  • Choking/Strangulation – Crimes Act 1900 section 37
  • Contravene AVO – Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 section 13(1).
  • Affray – Crimes Act 1900 s93C(1)
  • Sexual Touching – Crimes Act 1900 section 67KC
  • Sexual Assault – Crimes Act 1900 section 61I
  • Any other domestic violence matter

Apprehended Violence Orders

In New South Wales, an Apprehended Violence Order is a Civil matter, however, a breach of an AVO will result in criminal proceedings. At Oxford Lawyers, we endeavour to provide the best defence representation by vigorously fighting for your rights.

AVO – Your Freedom and Rights

If you are subject to any type of AVO, and believe it is unnecessary, unjust or baseless, we can assist you in having the AVO dismissed. Alternatively, If you are unhappy with the conditions of the AVO, we can assist you in making an application to the court to either delete or reduce the AVO conditions.


If you are charged with a domestic violence matter, you have the following options:

  • Defend the charge – If you believe that you are not guilty in relation to the allegations against you, then we can fight the charges for you. The onus to prove the charges against you is on the prosecution. For you to be convicted of a criminal charge, the the prosecution must prove the elements of the charge beyond reasonable doubt. This is a very high standard. The Magistrate can not base their decision on suspicion or speculation.
  • Plead Guilty to the charge – If you are guilty of the matter and if you just want the matter to finalise, we can assist you to get the best possible result.
  • Representations for the charge to be either withdrawn or downgraded – In appropriate cases, we may be able to request for the charge to be completely withdrawn by the prosecution or downgraded.
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