Mother charged with assault and damaging property in domestic quarrel found not guilty

Mother charged with assault and damaging property in domestic quarrel found not guiltyOur client, a mother of two, faces an issue that many dealt with, which is sharing custody of her children with her ex-partner.

When her ex-partner came to drop off their children to her home, they had an altercation about their new partners when our client allegedly began slapping and hitting the victim. Once the victim left the vehicle, he alleged he saw her throwing things around in the vehicle. This resulted in the rear vision mirror of her ex partner’s car to be broken. Her ex-partner called police to the scene, who cautioned her and then arrested our client. She was taken to Granville Police Station where an ADVO was issued for the protection of the victim.

Our client was then charged with 1 count of common assault as per the Crimes Act 1900 s61  as well as 1 count of intentionally or recklessly destroy/damage property under the Crimes Act 1900, s 195 (1)(a). If found guilty, she was facing a potential term of imprisonment along with a hefty fine. Prior to this incident, our client had a clean record and was terrified of the possibility of being apart from her children.

Mr Amin, Criminal Defence Solicitor, appeared the Fairfield Local Court with compelling submissions and relied upon the complex legal principle of self defence. He provided the Court with evidence on our client’s good character and dedication to her young children. The prosecution were unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the conduct was unlawful and so our client was found not guilty by verdict.

Our client was very pleased with the professionalism that her case was dealt with.   This result meant that she was able to return home to her young children and continue to provide for them. She mentioned that without the help of the team at Oxford Lawyers, she would not have achieved such a great outcome.

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