Licence suspended for exceeding demerit points – Decision appealed and licence reinstated.

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Our client held a P1 Provisional (Class C) Licence when he was caught driving in a bus lane without his P Plates on display. A year earlier he was caught committing the same offence of driving without required P Plates on display. In total, both incidents led to the incurrence of 5 demerit points. Under the law, once a P1 driver has incurred more than 4 demerit points within 3 years, they will face a minimum licence suspension of 3 months.

Consequently, our client was charged under section 39(a) and 40 of the Road Transport Act 2013 for exceeding the demerit point threshold. Understandably, our client was distressed at the suspension he had been given as he required his licence in order to travel for work and care for his family. Our client had an extensive record of traffic offences and knew it was in his best interests to contact a solicitor.

Fortunately he decided to get in touch with us at Oxford Lawyers and was referred to Mr Zemarai Khatiz, Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist. Mr Khatiz diligently prepared for a RMS suspended licence appeal and made compelling submissions before Bankstown Local Court. As a result, the Court removed the suspension in place and our client was able to continue driving and fulfil his personal commitments.

If not for the hard work and dedication of the entire team here at Oxford Lawyers, our client may have not achieved such an excellent result. He was truly thankful for the time, effort and genuine commitment shown by Mr Khatiz and the entire firm when handling his matter.  


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