Doctor Drives While Suspended, Getting Caught Red Handed Receives No Conviction

Doctor Drives While Suspended, Getting Caught Red Handed Receives No ConvictionIn a lapse of judgement our client drives while suspended running through a red light while a fully marked highway patrol vehicle was directly behind him.

Our client was suspended from driving due to exceeding the demerit point’s limit of his license. The majority of the suspension was served with only 16 days left. Our client took the risk and while driving ran through a red light at a busy intersection at 1:00AM in front of a Highway patrol.

Our client was charged under both section 54(3) (A) of the Road Transport Act NSW 2013 and section 61(2) Road Rules NSW 2014 and was looking at an immediate 6 month disqualification, a hefty fine and even a potential term of imprisonment

Contacting us instantly to help him with his legal problem, Mr Zemarai Khatiz, Criminal Law specialist, advised our client to plead guilty and made subsequently made submissions in our client’s defence explaining the circumstance. The court agreed with Mr Khatiz’s arguments and the charges were dismissed pursuant to a section 10. As a result our client avoided a conviction as well as the fine and even the automatic disqualification

Due to the fact that no conviction was recorded our client’s future prospects of employment in the medical field will not be affected. Furthermore, he will not face any automatic disqualification due to the offence.

Our client was able to continue with his employment as a neurosurgeon and expressed his gratitude for the exceptional preparation of Mr Khatiz and staff at Oxford Lawyers.

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