Client Charged with High Range Drink Driving Will Serve No Prison Time, No Disqualification and No Fine

Drink driving at the highest range, causing damage to multiple vehicles and even being hospitalised, our client is extremely lucky that he didn’t face further legal consequences.

Our client drove over a hill at great speed and just past the peak, lost control of his car, sideswiping a car and hitting another one. Dragging the vehicle with him, he didn’t stop until he another car, spinning completely around and being thrown out of the car.

Our client was charged under the Road Transportation (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 (NSW), and was looking at a maximum penalty of 18 months imprisonment, a $3,300 fine and an immediate automatic disqualification.

Our client suffered a significant brain injury in the car accident. Our client turned to the only firm that could help him; Oxford Lawyers. Mr Zemarai Khatiz,  Criminal law specialist advised the client and finalised the matter with an unique and remarkable result where the court dismissed the charged pursuant to the provisions of section 10.

This meant that he received no prison time, no fine, no conviction and even overturned the automatic disqualification imposed upon his licence. He could continue driving.  Our client was extremely happy with this result. As a construction worker, his licence was the most important thing for him to continue working and that, along with no criminal record, ensured that he still has many employment opportunities in his future.

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