Client Charged with Possession of Unauthorised Firearms Found NOT GUILTY

Client Charged with Possession of Unauthorised Firearms Found NOT GUILTY

Our client’s car was searched at night after police were suspicious about his conduct and found multiple firearms in the car.

Our client was with a friend who was walking to their car in a carpark when police found them suspicious and once they entered the car were breath tested and drug tested. Following this the police informed our client that the vehicle will be searched.

Upon the search of the car a pistol was found in the car and a .22LR rifle was found hidden in a bag. Police also found a .22 rifle magazine hidden under a mattress in the car. Our client was taken to the police station and interviewed.

Our client was charged under both section 7A (1), 36 (1) and 39(1)(a) of the Firearms Act 1996 and section 11FA (1)(a) of the Summary Offences Act 1988. The maximum penalty for the charges includes a heavy fine and a long term imprisonment.

Our client quickly contacted Oxford lawyers and Mr Upol Amin, Criminal Defence Lawyer represented our client at Parramatta Local Court. On his behalf, we entered a plea of Not Guilty and submitted strong arguments to the Court which the court agreed upon. The outcome was that our client was not found guilty for all these very serious charges.

The result meant our client did not get a conviction, fine or a term of imprisonment. He was very pleased as justice had been served.

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