Client Charged With Possessing a Firearm and Explosives Found Not Guilty

Client Charged With Possessing a Firearm and Explosives Found Not Guilty

Client charged with possessing a pistol and explosives which were found in his bedroom.

Police conducted a search warrant on the residence of our client. During the search warrant a pistol and explosives were found in our client’s bedroom. The explosives were on a top shelf clearly visible, while the pistol was found in a shoe box. Our client was taken to the police station and gave an interview in regards to both items seized. He denied any knowledge of those items.

The client was charged with several serious charges under section 7A (1), 39(1) (a) and s6(1) of the Firearms Act 1996. These charges carry a lengthy terms of imprisonment

The client entered a plea of Not Guilty to all charges and retained Mr Upol Amin Criminal Defence Solicitor at Oxford Lawyers to represent him at Hearing before Blacktown Local Court.

Mr Amin made strong submissions regarding the possession of the firearm and explosives, and ultimately convinced the court that the prosecution could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that our client did had the requisite knowledge to establish the possession of these item.

He was subsequently found not guilty of all charges.

This is an excellent in the circumstances, considering the seriousness of the offence and the maximum jail sentence.

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