Bail Granted for Client Charged with Robbery in Company

Bail Granted for Client Charged with Robbery in Company

Our client was having issues with a man who had previously lived with him. This man and our client had a dispute and our client wanted to resolve it at the earliest opportunity and retrieve belongings the man had taken from our client. He attended the new residence of that man with one of his friends, and the situation escalated to physical violence. Police attended the scene and arrested our client.

Police charged our client with Aggravated enter dwelling with intent under section 111(2) of the Crimes Act, Robbery in company under section 97(1) of the Crimes Act and Assault occasioning actual bodily harm while in company under section 59(2) of the Crimes Act. Police strongly opposed bail, and our client was held on remand while his two young children and their sick mother were left home alone.

Believing that nobody could get him bail but Oxford Lawyers, our client contacted us and retained Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Mr Zemarai Khatiz. Despite our client’s extensive criminal history, and strong police objection to bail, Mr Khatiz made strong submissions to the court, highlighting that prosecution’s case had severe deficiencies and also relying on a strong subjective case. Mr Khatiz’s submissions were of such strength that after 2 months and 10 days in remand, the court granted our client bail, and he was able to attend to his family and their needs.

This was an excellent result for our client as he was able to be back at home with his family.

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