Appeal Upheld for Supplying Meth! From House Arrest to Good Behaviour Bond!

Police observed our client throw an unknown item. Police stopped our client and questioned him about what he threw. Our Client denied throwing an object.

Police questioned our client and asked him how he arrived at this destination, to which our client stated that he walked.

Police began to search the surrounding areas and located a small electronic car key remote. police seized the item and clicked the open button which led to the warning lights of a vehicle turning on.

Police searched the vehicle and located a small compartment hidden underneath where the passenger airbag should be. The compartment was located by removing the entire panel.

Appeal Upheld for Supplying Meth! From House Arrest to Good Behaviour Bond!Inside the hidden compartment police located over 45 grams of Methamphetamine, as set of digital scales, a bag of large freezer bags and a small plastic bag of plastic measuring cups.

Police arrested our client and he was conveyed to Auburn Police Station and charged with the following:

  1. Supply Prohibited Drug under Section 25(1) of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.

    The Maximum penalty for this offence is 2 years imprisonment and a fine of $11,000.

In the Local Court, Our client was sentenced to an Intensive Correction Order for a period of 18 months with a house arrest condition.

Our client retained Principal Solicitor and Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Mr Zemarai Khatiz. Mr Khatiz appealed the matter and attended Sydney District Court. Mr Khatiz made strong submissions on the basis of reducing the ICO with a house arrest condition to a Community Corrections Order. The Judge was convinced by Mr Khatiz’s Submissions and imposed a good behaviour bond for a period of only 12 months! This meant our client was no longer on house arrest.

Our client was overjoyed by this result, as it meant that he can put this chapter of his life behind him!

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