Mr Rameen Sheranzey

Career & Experience

Rameen Sheranzey a seasoned Criminal Defence Solicitor with a distinctive edge. Holding a Bachelor of Laws and Construction Management, Rameen Sheranzey offers a powerful combination of legal acumen and an unconventional perspective that sets him apart. With a commitment to a comprehensive and holistic approach, he delves deep into cases, leveraging his construction management insight to uncover hidden details and develop strategic defense strategies. Clear communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a proven track record of success define Rameen Sheranzey’s practice. What further distinguishes Rameen Sheranzey is his ability to bridge cultures and languages. Fluent in Dari and Baluchi, Rameen Sheranzey ensures effective communication and understanding with clients from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, Rameen Sheranzey brings a wealth of experience to their practice, having worked alongside prominent barristers and solicitors. This exposure to esteemed legal minds has honed his skills and deepened his understanding of the nuances of criminal defence.

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When you choose Rameen Sheranzey, you’re choosing a defender who blends legal expertise with a unique outlook, ensuring your case receives the strategic and thorough representation it deserves.

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