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Mr Zemarai Khatiz – Principal & Accredited Criminal Law Specialist

Mr Zemarai Khatiz is the principal lawyer and director of Oxford Lawyers and is an experienced, passionate defence lawyer. Mr Khatiz has completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice with a Distinction average.

In addition to his achievements, Mr Khatiz has completed and obtained the prestigious Master of Laws, specialising in criminal law. Mr Khatiz is also an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist by the Law Society of NSW because of his extensive experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Mr Khatiz is admitted to practice as a Solicitor & Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and High Court of Australia. Mr Khatiz appears for range of clients in all jurisdictions including the Local, District and Supreme Court, and the Court of Criminal Appeal. He appears in:

  • Defended hearings

  • Sentence hearings

  • Bail applications

  • RMS licence appeals

  • Severity appeals

  • Conviction Appeals

Mr Khatiz has vast experience in the areas of Criminal and Traffic law, providing the highest quality legal service to his clients. Mr Khatiz is a dedicated, passionate lawyer who truly believes in his client’s cases. He has defended clients in a range of matters from the most minor to the most serious offences including :

  • Murder

  • Armed robberies

  • Malicious wounding with intent to murder

  • Sexual assault

  • Culpable driving

  • Drug importation

  • Drug trafficking

  • Kidnapping

  • Large quantity drug charges

  • Firearm and possession of prohibited weapon charges

  • Fraud


    Mr Khatiz also appears in all types of Driving and Traffic matters including driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and driving while suspended or disqualified.

Mr Khatiz can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any emergency or to attend any police station, prisons or courts in NSW.

Please feel free to contact Mr Khatiz for a free consultation on: 0478 821 383.

Mr Asem Taleb – Senior Associate


Mr Asem Taleb is a dedicated criminal defence Lawyer at Oxford Lawyers. Mr Taleb has completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism. He obtained his Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from The College of Law in Sydney.


Mr Taleb is admitted to practice as a Solicitor & Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and High Court of Australia. Mr Taleb appears for range of clients in all jurisdictions including the Local, District and courts in the Federal jurisdiction.


Mr Taleb previously worked for a well-respected law firm, whilst completing his law degree. During this time, he practiced exclusively in criminal law and worked on numerous complex matters. He was then offered a position with Oxford Lawyers and has been employed full-time since then.


Mr Taleb has prepared and instructed Senior and Junior Counsel in numerous lengthy and complex criminal matters, including District Court jury trials, District Court sentencing hearings and Supreme Court jury trials.


These trials serious offences including murder, sexual assault, drug importation and trafficking and armed robberies. He has appeared himself in a range of matters including:


–    Release Applications and Detention Applications
–    Sentence hearings
–    Conviction Appeals
–    Severity Appeals
–    RMS License Appeals


Mr Taleb is known by his colleagues for his commitment to every matter that he appears in. He exerts time and effort in each individual matter so that the best result can be achieved for each client. This commitment is shown in his extensive preparation for each matter from the beginning to the very end.

Ms Sarah Rashidi – Solicitor


Sarah Rashidi is a passionate Criminal defence lawyer having started her legal career early into her university studies at Western Sydney University. Ms Rashidi commenced working at Oxford Lawyers in July 2013 as a paralegal where she worked exclusively in criminal law. As a paralegal Ms Rashidi was working on a range of complex matters including murder offences.

Since being admitted as a lawyer, Ms Rashidi has appeared before various Local and District Courts across NSW. Her attention to detail and superior analytical skills ensure that matters are prepared and managed to the highest standard. Her willingness to exhaustively research and prepare a matter is an integral part of the high level of service that she provides to her clients.

Ms Rashidi is committed to achieving the best outcome for her clients and will work endlessly to see this happen.

Ms Rashidi is fluent in Dari.

She can be contact directly on 0452 006 006.

Mr Upol Amin – Solicitor

Mr Upol Amin is an ambitious criminal defence lawyer at our firm.  Amin is extremely motivated and passionate about helping others and giving superior legal assistance to those in need.  Mr Amin enjoys making a positive difference to people’s lives and believes that there is nothing more rewarding than that.  This is what drives him to exceed in his role every day.  Mr Amin is dedicated to all clients and a strong believer that there is a solution to every problem.  He strives to obtain results and ensure that every client is satisfied, no matter how big or small the client’s matter is.

Mr Amin has completed his law degree from Macquarie University, majoring in Criminology, and obtained his Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law in Sydney.  Mr Amin is admitted to practice as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

An Australian born Bangladeshi, Mr Amin was raised in Lakemba, Sydney.  He is exposed to many different ethnic communities, different socio-economic classes of people and knows how to deal with people accordingly.  His people skills make him an easy person to approach and confide in.

Mr Amin also speaks fluent Bengali.

Mr Amin appears in all Local and District Courts in NSW for all criminal matters.  He also attends any police station on short notice to assist people who have been arrested at any hour of the day or night.

Like all of our Lawyers, Amin can be contacted 24/ 7 or on his mobile number 0488 000 014

Ms Lisa Dao – Solicitor

Lisa Dao is a passionate and dedicated Criminal Defence Lawyer who started her legal career whilst studying at university. Before joining Oxford Lawyers, Ms Dao worked as a paralegal at one of Sydney’s South West’s leading criminal law firms. Lisa first joined Oxford Lawyers as a paralegal in 2012 and return as a solicitor in 2016. Since then she has dealt with a range of complex matters.
Ms Dao completed her double degree at Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Economic Analysis and Policy. Ms Dao is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Ms Dao appears in all Local and District Courts in NSW for all criminal matters.

Ms Dao’s experience has given her a strong understanding of the criminal justice system. With her very friendly and approachable nature, Ms Dao not only understands what is required of her to achieve the best results for her clients, but also supports her clients to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible.

Ms Dao speaks fluent in Vietnamese.

Mr Zahir Zakaria- Solicitor

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